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The Preceptor Pass

One pass, two great ways to locate and secure the perfect preceptor.

Search and Communicate

Access to communicate with preceptors searching for students and priority notifications for new preceptor listings as they are added.

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Student Seeking Preceptor Listing

List your information in the Student Seeking Preceptor Directory and we'll promote it to thousands of local nurse practitioners to aide in your search.

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The Preceptor Directory

Search and Communicate For 120 Days

Streamlined Search Process

Purchase the pass and start searching for the perfect preceptorship in less than 2 minutes.

Email Alerts

Be the first to know when new preceptorship offerings become available in your area through our intelligent notification system.

Secure and Trustworthy

Our platform promotes secure communication between students and preceptors without exposing sensitive contact information.

Award Winning Innovative Platform

Leverage the fastest growing, nurse practitioner preceptor directory on the internet to locate the perfect preceptor.

The Student Seeking Preceptor Directory

Preceptors Are Searching. Get Listed For 120 Days.

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Get listed in The Student Seeking Preceptor Directory and describe your perfect preceptor. Relevant preceptors will find you!

We Promote Your Listing To Preceptors

When your Seeking Preceptor Listing is activated we preceptors near you and promote your listing to thousands of local nurse practitioners weekly.

Be Proactive and Boost Your Success

A listing in The Student Seeking Preceptor Directory is the best new way to increase your chances of finding the perfect preceptor.

Preceptors Are Looking

Preceptors are looking for nurse practitioner students to train and share experience with. Will they find you?

The Preceptor Pass

Your ticket to landing the perfect preceptor.

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Preceptor Pass
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Preceptor Pass
Search the preceptor directory
Find preceptors anywhere.
Subscribe to preceptor search results
Subscribe to receive notifications when new preceptors appear in your search areas.
Real-time new preceptor notifications
Be the first to message preceptors near you. Get real-time notifications when preceptors are newly listed within 60 miles of your location.
View extended information about preceptors
Learn more about the individuals offering preceptorships.
Communicate with preceptors
Introduce yourself and land the perfect preceptor.
Create a listing in the Student Seeking Preceptors Directory
Get listed in the Student Seeking Preceptors Directory while your pass is active and allow preceptors to find you!

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