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Ending Friday: Act Now to Get Your INPS CEU Certificate

Posted 8 months ago

If you haven't already received your CEU certificate (by email) for the INPS Conference, you have three days left!

All conference evaluations MUST be submitted no later than THIS FRIDAY! Certificates cannot be generated after that. Please do the following to submit your evaluation and get your certificate:

  • Please watch this video. It will answer all your questions about how to use the online evaluation form and it's only five-ish minutes long! 
  • Do not use autofill when entering your name and email.
  • You must complete the entire evaluation and submit it to get your CEU Certificate. It will arrive via email almost instantly so check your spam/junk for it. Save it.
  • All applications for CEU credit must be completed by December 8, 2023.
  • Start your evaluation here:
  • If the link says it is invalid, it could be that your employer network is blocking it. Please try the link from your home, the library, a coffee shop, etc.

If you have questions or any issues at all after reading the above, let us know. Thanks!


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