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Reminder: Provider Survey on Clinical Firearm Screening... 25 Entries Will Win $50 Amazon Gift Card

Posted 4 months ago

Researchers from the University of Iowa Firearm Safety Team invite you to complete an anonymous survey study titled, “An Evaluation of Providers' Confidence in Firearm Safety and Attitudes on Firearm Related Issues.” If you complete the survey, you can enter a raffle to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Twenty-five individuals who complete the survey will be selected as raffle winners.

The study will consist of an online survey of resident, fellow, and attending physicians, physician assistants [PAs], advanced registered nurse practitioners [ARNPs], and other advanced practice providers across the state of Iowa. The study will examine the association between provider demographics such as age, sex, previous employment/life experience, upbringing (rural/suburban/urban), current rurality of county, confidence in firearm counselling with current firearm screening practices.

The deadline to complete the survey is May of 2023. If you have question about the survey, you can contact the coordinators Benjamin Linden ( or Megan Sinik ( via email.

Survey Link:


Heather Dunn 16 days ago

I was interested in completing this survey for these two medical students until I saw the use of the term "mid-level providers" and am surprised the INPS passively endorsed the terminology by posting to their website. I do not need an Amazon Gift Card, but appropriate professional recognition by other health care providers is something I do expect.

Bridget Schmidt 15 days ago

Exactly my thoughts too!! “Mid-level providers” should never be used. Med students/physicians need to change their perspectives on APPs.

Lara Marsh 1 minute ago

Heather and Bridget - thank you so much for your comments. This was a typographical error by me. The student who asked me to send out the email wanted me to take the mid-level language out, however he didn't tell me that until I had already sent the email to everyone. I apologize and appreciate your input.

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