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Legislative Session Has Ended! What Happened?

Posted about 1 month ago

We had some victories this season! And, much of the detrimental legislation did not make it through. It's exciting to see how we can make a difference. Open the 2022 Bills of Interest for Nurse Practitioners (PDF) document to get more information on specific bills.

As you read it, here are some key things to note:

  • If it says "For" or "Undecided" after the House/Senate File Number, that indicates INPS' position on the bill.
  • If it says "To Governor," that indicates the bill was passed and funded and the Governor has 30 days from May 25th to sign it into law.
  • If  it says "in Approps" or similar, that indicates that funding is yet to be determined.

Would you like to make your voice count?

Start thinking about it now. Contact me with priorities for the 2023 legislative session. We can share opinions, introduce new bills, and much more. We have opportunities!


Olivia Croskey DNP, ARNP, CNL
INPS Legislative Chair


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