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Maternal Health Call to Action

Posted 2 months ago

Urge your lawmakers to support SF 2354, Section 2 to extend coverage and ensure new parents get the care they need for a full year after delivery.

Find your lawmakers here:

Here's an example letter:

As a constituent and an advocate for health, I urge you to support SF 2354 - division 2, which would extend postpartum Medicaid coverage for Iowa’s new moms from 60 days to 12 months because: [your reason]
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Pregnant Iowans need comprehensive health services before, during, and following their pregnancy to ensure they are healthy and prepared to take on the responsibility of raising a baby. This sets our families up for safe, healthy beginnings with a lower risk of major complications because we know pregnant women are receiving the important care associated with prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care.

Tell your lawmakers to support extending postpartum Medicaid coverage!

Thank you for making your voice heard.


Olivia Croskey
INPS Legislative Chairperson, email


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