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Legislation in Iowa Affecting NPs

Posted 4 months ago

Did you know that without the help of few people, we would not have any rights as an NP?

What happens if they can't speak for us?

These are some thoughts that came to my mind during our legislative session this year. At the AANP 2022 Policy Conference many issues were discussed, several that are near and dear to our hearts, including the Diabetic Shoes issue, ordering cardiac/pulmonary rehab, our inclusion in ACOs, and our role in workplace injury management.

This Google sheet has links to these bills and associated resources. My local representative is not supporting most of these so I plan to reach out to her to request her help. I am asking her to support NPs so that we can provide the most comprehensive care that makes sense for our clients. 

If we don't reach out to our local congressperson, there are very few people who will represent us. It's up to us. Without contacting them, we will not progress with these bills - we have no choice but to stand up for our practice rights!

Please contact your representative and ask for their support. Each bill's link in the spreadsheet includes talking points that you can copy and paste into an email. Find your congressperson here: and share with your colleagues.

Thank you for supporting NPs in Iowa!


Olivia Crosskey, DNP, ARNP, CNL
INPS Legislative Chair


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