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Letter from the President of INPS

Posted 8 months ago


As I begin my term as the President of INPS, I wanted to take a moment of your time to recap some of the topics that were discussed at the Annual INPS Board Meeting today.

First, I am again pleased to share the overwhelming success of our first ever Virtual INPS Conference in November 2020. We had excellent attendance and received wonderful post-conference comments and feedback. As we look to the upcoming conference this fall, we are considering offering virtual access in various forms. Please stay tuned for a survey to come in the near future regarding this possibility. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can send our way!

Second, I am calling for volunteers to serve on various subcommittees. We have asked for volunteers in the past, but hadn't had the opportunity to thoroughly develop those subcommittees. I am happy to share that the committee duties have been outlined and we are ready to move forward with putting them into action. I do have a short list of names of INPS members who would like to volunteer, but would again like to offer this up to any interested members. We are currently planning to split volunteers into 5 subcommittees: Legislative, Marketing, Membership, Grants/Scholarships and Conference. If you have a specific area you may be interested (ie. you have a great knowledge of Instagram and would like to assist in Marketing) please indicate that. Otherwise we will divide the volunteers as needed.

Third, I would like to remind you all of the grants that are offered annually to our members. These grants can be used for various things (ie. conference attendance costs, projects, research etc.). Also, we offer scholarships annually to NP students. Applications for grants and scholarships will be available later on in the year, so please keep an eye out for those.

Finally, I would again encourage any of you to bring suggestions to any member of the board. These may be suggestions for conference topics, recommendations for speakers or ideas on ways that INPS can continue to support the profession and enhance growth. We appreciate the input from all of you as we continue to grow as an organization each year.

I am looking forward to serving all of you during my term as President of INPS.

Diana Smith, ARNP, FNP-C
Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society President


Julie Shaw 5 months ago

Hi Diana,
I am a FNP-DNP Professor and practicing ANP/GNP and am interesting in any sub-committee except for Marketing. I have experience in the Iowa Legislative process, and have been a Secretary, Membership chair and and Chair for various non-profit organizations. Please let me know if I can be of service to INPS.

Rebecca McCann 5 months ago

Hello Diana-
I would be interested in serving on either the Marketing, Membership or Conference subcommittees. Look forward to helping our organization!

Christine Drake 5 months ago

Hello Diana! I would be interested in volunteering for one of the the subcommittees, excluding legislative as I don't have much exposure/experience with this category quite yet. Thanks!

Diana Smith 5 months ago

Julie, Rebecca & Christine-

Hopefully you’ll be able to see this message. But I will add your names to my list and I will be in contact soon. Thanks so much for volunteering!

An Vu 5 months ago

Hello Diana, I would be interested in any subcommittees except for legislative as I don't have much exposure. Please let me know. Thanks!

Krista Ford 5 months ago

I would be happy to help too.

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