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INPS Board Elections and Committees - due by 12/3

Posted 5 months ago

Board Positions

It is that time of the year again! We are looking for volunteers to fill our open board positions and volunteers for committees. The three positions that are open for this year’s elections are:

  • Secretary
  • Northwest District Representative
  • Southwest District Representative

All positions will start on January 1st. We typically meet twice per year via Zoom and in person when the pandemic will allow (usually in West Des Moines) and communicate the rest of the year by phone, Zoom, or email.

All three positions serve for 2 years.

All nominees for the above positions are asked to submit a short bio with a few statements on why you are running for the specific position. These are due by email to me no later than Thursday, Dec. 3rd.


We also have many committee positions open. Committee members are not elected but appointed by the Board. The following committees would love to have more active members:

  • Conference Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Scholarships and Grants Committee
  • Nomination Committee

The committees are defined in our by-laws which are available on our website

We will open up voting for Board positions in early December!


Anne Gentil-Archer, INPS President


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