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Uh-oh! Update: register by 10/19 to get conference swag

Posted about 2 months ago

Deadline Moved to October 19th to Register and Pay for Conference

Good News

We now have over 200 people registered and paid for our fan-tabulous upcoming virtual conference. Another 30+ are registered but we are awaiting payment. It's going to be SUPER exciting to see you all again!

So-So News

Our swag vendor needs to get our orders by October 19th to guarantee that you get this year's swag. If we don't have your payment by October 19th, we can't guarantee you'll get this year's swag! This would make us sad. 

Help Us Not Be Sad

Register AND PAY by 10/19 to be guaranteed your "essential" swag! Click here to register.

And then, check out our online store - only open until October 18th! Shop now


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